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Let's Have Some Peanut Butter Loving Fun!

Let the wind blow!

When the weather is cold and rainy, this is one of my favorite soups to eat. What's your favorite thing to eat when it's yucky outside? 


Look Who Came for a Visit!

     Hey kids! Look who visited my friend Jay yesterday! Looks like something that might be found in my imagination, right? 

     But it's not. This is a bug called a praying mantis (plural form--mantid). It gets its name because of the

way the front legs are shaped--like they're folded in prayer.

     Eating a crunchy wasp might sound gross to us, but it is yummy for a praying 

mantis. The mantis is a predatory (pre də to ri) insect, meaning that it must eat other bugs 

to survive. Some kinds of mantid even eat small birds, frogs, and other mantids!

    Praying mantids are green or brown in color, so they can blend in with leaves, and hide  from

their prey. Long spikes grow on their front legs, making it easier for the insect to grab and hold their


     Here are some more interesting facts about this marvelous bug:

  1. Praying mantids are the only insects that can turn their heads at a 180 degree angle.
  2. They live up to a year, and can be as long as six inches.
  3. A praying mantis has five eyes--two compound and three simpler ones located between them. 


      Do YOU have interesting photos or facts you'd like to share? Email me at







Come closer... Come closer. It's me, Amelia, and I have a secret I think you'll like. 

Debbie has been working hard on my third book--Amelia Frump and the Billion-Cajillion Dollar Secret--and I've talked her into sharing a little bit of it with you. That's what we're supposed to do, right...share?

Tell me what you think!Picture

It's here!

  Fall is my favorite season. I like to walk in the woods, and look at all the different colored leaves. When it's too rainy to go outside, I like to bake cookies, read a book, or solve a puzzle.

   Hey...speaking of's a link to some you might enjoy. Just download and print them out. Have fun!!activities

A New Discovery

  Hi kids! It's me, Amelia.

  A few days ago, my friend Joseph went for a walk on a nature trail with his mom and brother. He found this


  It's kind of smashed up, but do you know what it is? Here, maybe this picture will help:


  It looks a little like a squash plant, doesn't it? If you guessed squash, then you're on the right track. The thing that Joseph found is a type of gourd. Gourds, cucumbers, melons, and squash are all in the plant family Cucurbitaceae.


  The gourd that Joseph found has a lot of names. Where he lives, it is called either a "coyote gourd", or a "buffalo gourd". The plant grows in the wild, and does not need very much water. It is found in some parts of the midwestern, southwestern, and western parts of the United States. Some parts of Arkansas are also home to these wild plants.


  A long time ago, Native Americans used the roots of the buffalo gourd for medicine, and the seeds for food.

  When Joseph's broke the gourd open, this is what they saw:

    Neat huh? Joseph was very excited about what he found.


  When Joseph is not playing soccer, he likes walking on nature trails. What is your favorite thing to do? Did you ever find anything really neat like this? What was it?

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